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Âne Drapeau Cactus

Hiiii haaaaa!

Âne Drapeau Cactus is a local multiplayer game where you play as a donkey, a flag or a cactus. The goal is to capture the flag of the opposing team and bring it back to your base. But beware, the donkey is the one who decides where to go!

The project carried out in 48h as part of our participation to Wonderjam UQAC - Winter 2023.


You are not the main character


  • Freedom - Guns, Guns, and Eagles
  • Versus
  • Raise the volume

Designed by Totema and Friends

  • François Dessureault - Game Design
  • Raphaël Côté - Dev
  • Maxime Boudreault - Dev
  • Gabriel Le Breton - Dev
  • Samuel Taillon - Art
  • Victor Sasseville - Art
  • Jean-Michel Desbiens - Art

Special thanks to Samuel Gagnon for hosting our GameCI runners. 💖

Âne Drapeau Cactus screenshot 01
Âne Drapeau Cactus screenshot 02
Âne Drapeau Cactus screenshot 03

Âne Drapeau Cactus happens here 👇

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