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Potato Phone

Potato Phone is a fast-paced multiplayer game where players’ mobile phones become an interactive playing card. Players must follow the prompts on the phone as quickly as possible in order to trade it to another player. The objective is to end the game without having the evil potato in hand.

The project carried out in 48h as part of our participation to Wonderjam UQAC - Winter 2020.



Designed by Totema and Friends

  • Gabriel Le Breton - Lead programmer
  • Francis Renaud - 3D Artist
  • Samuel Taillon - Lead artist
  • Kim Desrosiers - SFX

To play, go to the official site of the πŸ₯”.

The game is currently only available in French

Potato Phone screenshot 01
Potato Phone screenshot 02
Potato Phone screenshot 03
Potato Phone screenshot 04
Potato Phone screenshot 05
Potato Phone screenshot 06

Potato Phone happens here πŸ‘‡

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