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City Crashers

City Crashers is an arcade local multiplayer game where you explore a city and cause has much destruction as possible because you are a giant robot.

  • Wreck the city as fast as possible
  • You must beat your high score

Plays from 1 to 4 players.

The project carried out in 48h as part of our participation to Wonderjam UQAC - Winter 2018.


Order and Disorder


  • Arcade
  • Exploration
  • Racing

Created by Totema and Friends

  • François Dessureault
  • Gabriel Le Breton
  • Samuel Taillon
  • Maxime Boudreault
  • Mathieu Auclair
  • Raphaël Côté
City Crashers screenshot 01
City Crashers screenshot 02
City Crashers screenshot 03

City Crashers happens here 👇

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