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It's a mash!

The best potato app! 🥔

It’s a mash! is an application in the style of a dating app where you can customize your potato in order to charm more hearts than your opponent!

The project was completed in 48 hours for the Wonderjam UQAC - Autumn 2023.


Hot Potato


  • “Did you see my new outfit?” - Player customization (very present)
  • Survive another day - Survival element (weak)
  • My… Friend? - Your ally is also your enemy (medium)

Special Mention

Another challenge the team set for themselves was using Godot for the first time in a Jam.

Designed by Totema and Friends

  • François Dessureault - Game Design / Dev
  • Gabriel Le Breton - Game Dev
  • Samuel Taillon - Art
  • Kim Desrosiers - Audio Artist

Thank you for joining us on this potatodventure! 💖

It's a mash! screenshot 01
It's a mash! screenshot 02
It's a mash! screenshot 03
It's a mash! screenshot 04

It's a mash! happens here 👇

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It's a mash!