Zombiotik is a 3D multiplayer game based on the tag. You can play up to 8 players simultaneously. Zombiotik offers a fast and exciting experience to all player levels with its easy-to-use and simple mechanics.

A colorful fast-paced chasing game

  • In Zombiotik, players engage in a survival battle based on the tag game where humans try to survive a zombie apocalypse caused by a contaminated yogurt. The different game maps offer various environments with natural structures and players can build their own fortresses to slow the zombie’s approach.


  • Supports up to 8 players in a survival frenzy or train in solo for the last human standing.
  • Play in 4 different game modes: Outbreak, Time Attack, Last Man Standing and Survival Coop
  • Choose among 8 different game maps, each with its own personality.
  • Players start the game as humans and, once infected, keep playing as zombies until the end of the match. Nobody is set aside during the game.
  • Humans can build and upgrade barricades to protect themselves from the invincible zombies.
  • Zombies must catch humans and can destroy most of the elements in the environment. They can find contaminated yogurts to gain super “beyond-the-grave” powers.
  • Simple and intuitive controls: a joystick and two buttons to control all the action in the game. The game aims for the best experience for new players and video game veterans alike.

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