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Try to control your magic broom to bring down your rivals! Made in 48 hours during the UQAC 2020 WonderJam, BadaBroom mixes the retro style of the first 3D games from the ’90s with the gyroscopic controls of your smartphone. The game has been made in Unity 3D and the networking is powered by Sublim.

  • 2-4 players local multiplayer game (Split-screen)
  • Use your mobile to control your broom’s direction by changing your device orientation
  • Collect and use magic spells (fireballs for now) to knock the other magicians off their broom

The project carried out in 48h as part of our participation to Wonderjam UQAC - Autumn 2020.


When magic goes wrong


  • Arcade
  • Survival

Designed by Totema and Friends

  • Maxime Boudreault
  • Raphaël Côté
  • François Dessureault
  • Gabriel Le Breton
  • Francis Renaud
  • Samuel Taillon
Badabroom screenshot 00
Badabroom screenshot 01
Badabroom screenshot 02
Badabroom screenshot 04

Badabroom happens here 👇

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