Wonderjam AEMI UQAC - Orwell was right

Wonderjam AEMI UQAC - Orwell was right

February 2017

We are participating for the second time at the WonderJam organized by the AEMI-UQAC! For those who have not read the history from the beginning, this is a friendly competition where video game students and other interested parties (us) have 48 hours to design a prototype game with a given theme and constraints. The theme for this edition: “Orwell was right”. As for the constraints, we get dialog, exploration and competition.

After several hours of brainstorming, we find the heart of our game in our childhood: hide-and-seek. In this game we call “The Great Watcher: This Eye Above Us - Ep. 5”, four players embody hacktivists who will find and sabotage terminals throughout the city. They will only win after deactivating 16 of the 20 terminals. But beware, a 5th player plays the Great Watcher, an omniscient entity similar to “Big Brother” who must find the hacktivists (players) among the crowd of ordinary citizens and prevent them from ending his reign.

It is a challenge for this edition and the whole team is delighted to have succeeded in realizing its first three-dimensional game on time. Like all games designed at the WonderJam, our game is hosted on the GameJolt platform with many other free independent games.

The day after the Game jam, we are lucky to see The Great Watcher in the Hot Games of the moment; Our progress is tangible.