May 2014

The team is created and a corporate vision is emerging

The roommates talk about their idea to their friends and slowly, more and more enthusiasts get together each Thursday in the apartment to give a hand. Programmers, artists and curious people, all motivated by the idea of an innovative and unifying video game.

A “tabletop” version is already on its way, but working to make it a video game is more difficult than expected. In order to learn and become familiar with all the steps involved in designing a video game, the team decides to put the initial project on the ice to focus on a new smaller game. A game that is feasible in less time, while preserving the unifying aspect that we love.

At the end of a first brainstorm, the idea of rethinking a thumb battle on a mobile device sounds good. The estimated time of completion is set to less than a year. With more than two game concepts and a vision shared by the entire team, the idea of becoming a duly constituted company is on the way.