May 2013

A wild game idea appears

In 2013, while washing some dishes, roommates discuss video games. While they talk about the things they like in a good game, they make their own idea of a game that would be fantastic!

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May 2014

The team is created and a corporate vision is emerging

The roommates talk about their idea to their friends and slowly, more and more enthusiasts get together each Thursday in the apartment to give a hand. Programmers, artists and curious people, all motivated by the idea of an innovative and unifying video game.

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November 2014

Totema Studio becomes reality

After considering the advantages of registering as a company, our corporate vision and our logo, we officially become a registered company in the The Enterprise Register of Quebec as a partnership.

March 2015

Help and recognition form the business environment

After serious work to define our business objectives and several hours of writing and coaching, we complete our business plan. This well-filled 50-page document gives us a glimpse of the day we will work full-time on our games. We submit this document to the “Création et démarrage d’entreprises” organized by the CEE-UQAC and we win the 2nd place.

August 2015

We leave the closet… Or in our case, from the basement

To let us to share our vision and promote our games under development, we launch our website, our Facebook page, as well as a short promotional video for Totema Studio. It’s kind of our coming out!

September 2015

In the eye of a dragon

 It sounds like the title of a kungfu movie

Totema Studio participates in the Accelerator, the web equivalent of “Alexandre et les Conquérents” broadcasted to ICI Explora with Alexandre Taillefer. The objective of this competition is to raise awareness among Québec’s technology community.

Among the fifty companies presented in the Accelerator, Totema Studio is one of the five finalists.

March 2016

The time when we got the sting of the Game Jams

We participate for the first time at the AEMI-UQAC WonderJam, a weekend where students and video game studios try to create a prototype game in 48 hours according to various constraints. In addition to the general theme “Connection”, every team receives specific styles. Our imposed styles are Exploration and Survival in addition to our self-imposed constraint: local multiplayer game.

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April 2016

Registered at the défi OSEntreprendre

We are registering for the “Défi OSEntreprendre” in the “Creation of companies” category: “Technological Innovation”. We win the first prize in this category at the local (saguenay) on April 8, 2016 and then at the regional (Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean) April 29th. No need to tell you how proud we were!

June 2016

Proud representative of our region

We participate in the provincial final of the “Defi OSEntreprendre”. Although we were not awarded the grand prize in our category, we were fortunate enough to meet very interesting people and we returned home with even more motivation than ever (and with a limousine :D)

July 2016

Our first geek convention

We’re at SAGGEEK, the first “Geek” culture festival in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean organized by Adrénaline 24. Naively, we bring our laptops thinking we can advance our projects during the quieter times.

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September 2016

Game of Thumbs officially announced

We announce the release of Game of Thumbs for November 2016. We have an idea, a complete game loop, challenges and a goal. A release date date is set: November 2016.

December 2016

Game of Thumbs release

On December 10th (aka November 40th), we officially launch Game of Thumbs on iOS and Android and take advantage of the enthusiasm around this 100% made in Saguenay game to talk about us in the regional media. December 12th, we invite family, friends and curious to our launch party at the Moulin à Cie.

February 2017

Wonderjam AEMI UQAC – Orwell was right

We are participating for the second time at the WonderJam organized by the AEMI-UQAC! For those who have not read the history from the beginning, this is a friendly competition where video game students and other interested parties (us) have 48 heures to design a prototype game with a given theme and constraints. The theme for this edition: “Orwell was right”. As for the constraints, we get dialog, exploration and competition.

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March 2017

Totema Studio presentation at the Forum informatique CEE-UQAC

Totema Studio is invited by the Centre d’entrepreneuriat et d’essaimage de l’UQAC to the 2017 edition of the IT Forum, an activity aimed at bringing together companies in the IT sector, students and graduates seeking for a job.

Although we do not currently have positions to fill, we decide to accept the invitation to share our experience in the creation of an independent studio and, who knows, give the bite to other people. It was a very enriching experience for us and, of course, a great opportunity to showcase our company.

July 2017

We have games to be tested, let’s go to the SAGGEEK

We are participating to the second edition of the SAGGEEK which is now a 3 days long convention. We present 4 prototypes of games and then publish them in privileged access on our patreon. School Escape is gaining popularity, followed by Zombiotik, Octopuke and The Great Watcher.

March 2018

Wonderjam AEMI UQAC – Order and Disorder: City Crashers


A 3rd WonderJam at UQAC for Totema Studio! It’s always a crazy weekend! The 2018 theme for all teams: Order and Disorder and the styles that have been imposed to our team were exploration, race and arcade.

After a long brainstorm on a game you had to sort objects in an environment, we finally figured out it could be a lot more fun to just put an epic mess! So we made a nice prototype called City Crashers. Giant robots, a city to destroy, 45 seconds to do as much damage as possible. tldr; a lot of fun.

March 2018

Finalist at the Ubisoft Série Indie 2018

The whole team goes to Montreal to present School Escape at the Ubisoft Indie Series finale! We did not return to Saguenay with the prize, but we have the honor of being the first studio outside Quebec and Montreal cities to be in the finalists! In addition, we made new friends at Sabotage Studio and Chainsawesome Games.

April 2018

Game Over with real games at Saguenay!

For the first time, we participate to the Game Over event, an evening of video and board games! We had a lot of visitors and we even stayed until the end at 3am.

May 2018

Prototype space Totema Studio arcade at the Versus bar

The Versus approaches Totema Studio for a custom gaming arcade in its bar, a playful pub with the purpose of bringing together gamers with local multiplayer games and board games experiences … we were made to get along! Since May 31th, Versus visitors can try our games in development!