School Escape

School Escape

School Escape (code name) is a 2.5D local multiplayer beat ’em up with strong action-rpg mechanics where a group of absurdly different teenagers team up against an alien invasion on their school.


  • A fast-paced beat’em up / action rpg hybrid
  • Supports up to 4 players in local coop
  • 8 characters with drastically different roles and powers tied to high school archetypes
  • Character progression based on player’s choices: raise your stats and choose your perks to customize your character in a specific role suiting best your team’s play-style
  • Adventure progression also based on player’s choice: visit and revisit levels in any order to find every secret. Beware increased difficulty for enemies and traps as the invasion progresses
  • Optional high school drama. Learn more about improbable friendship, overcoming hardships and more about our teenage heroes
  • Playable solo but highly couch coop focused with communication based strategies and emergent gameplay

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School Escape screenshot 00
School Escape screenshot 01
School Escape screenshot 02

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